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4.levent Escort Yes, you read that right, porn has just taken a giant step forward into a fully immersive VIP 4.levent Escort 5D world İstanbul Escort. At the end of March this year, a new sex cinema, capable of screening 3D porn scenes complete with added air-cannons and water jets, opened to great delight in Amsterdam’s famous De Wallen red-light area.


4.levent Escort Fancy watching porn in 5D?

In this feature, we take a look at Amsterdam’s latest innovation to bring visitors to the red-light district with a 4. Levent Escort 5D porn experience.

Opened on 30th March 2019, 5D Porn is the brainchild of owner Natalie and has been brought to reality with the help of one of the Netherlands most famous porn stars, Kim Holland. The result is a 4. Levent Escort 5D sex cinema that is capable of delivering a fully immersive experience for porn-hungry customers.


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Image via Whilst we may all be aware of the production of 4. Levent Escort 3D porn, this high-tech cinema delivers some additional interactions to create a roller coaster ride of adult entertainment.

Audiences are invited to ‘see, hear, feel’ and ‘move’ with the on-screen action in the world’s only 5D porn experience. The result is an ‘energizing’ and ‘entertaining’ yet saucy tourist attraction that is already pulling in the crowds.

You can find a full interview with the owner (in Dutch) filmed during the cinema’s launch weekend on YouTube via  the Dutch public media company.

What Does a 5D Porn Experience Involve?

3D cinema isn’t new and we are all familiar with the need for special glasses to be worn which combine the stereoscopic images to produce one which ‘comes out of the screen towards us!’. In addition to the visual experience (plus high-tech stereo sound), 5D porn also features:

  • VIP 4. Levent Escort
  • Air jets
  • Moving seat deck
  • Vibrating seats…or ‘bouncing chairs’ as some audiences have referred to them!

Together, all of these contraptions deliver a unique viewing encounter that delights most of the senses. We say most as there have been some news reports that the 5D porn cinema includes smell-o-vision but this is not true! Fortunately, the sex theater’s owners decided against adding a funky scent of fresh sweat (or worse) to the experience.

How Long Does the Experience Last?

With just a single screen capable of seating 18 customers at a time, it’s not hard to see why the cinema is keen to turn over as many people as possible during their opening hours. As a result, the viewing times for the 5D porn movies are under 10 minutes.

5d porn cinema amsterdam

Image via İstanbul Escort Kızları İzlemek İçin

Is it a XXX Experience?


Okay, so watching porn with a dozen or more strangers may not appeal to everyone but it should be pointed out that the whole 5D porn experience is more novel and exhilarating than seedy and hardcore. Yes, the tickets are only being sold to adults aged over 18 and yes, the content does not conceal any of the action but it is being sold as a concept (according to owner, Natalie) where you can “take your loved ones”. Maybe leave your mother-in-law at home though, eh?

How Many Films Are There to Watch?


As you would expect, the films are pretty expensive to make which is why Kim VIP 4.Levent Escort has only made a reported ‘few’ to begin with. At the moment, just a single title is being screened at the 5D Porn cinema.

VIP 4. Levent Escort What Are People Saying About 5D Porn?


VIP 4. Levent Escort The cinema has only been open for just a fortnight but the initial reaction to this innovative attraction has been overwhelmingly positive. VIP 4. Levent Escort Although the audience numbers are small given the limited seats available for each viewing, praise is being heaped on the cinema for offering such a novel and unique experience. Most of the feedback VIP 4. Levent Escort being offered suggests that the cinema offers something far more fun than erotic.


5d porn cinema amsterdam review


With Kim Holland in attendance, opening night at 5D Porn was a big spectacle. Image via VIP 4.Levent Escort


However, whilst the cinema is currently playing to full houses the decision to open such an obvious tourist attraction in an area known for its working sex industry has not been without its detractors. It is reported that De Wallen will be banned from being a stop on the route of VIP 4.Levent Escort official tour guide companies from 1st January 2020. The reason? To protect the sex VIP 4.Levent Escort workers and clients who still use the area for conducting their business. With the advent of this new tourist attraction, some are claiming that De Wallen is becoming a ‘freak show’. Sex workers themselves are unhappy with the fact that so many curious (but not paying) visitors to the famous red-light district are putting off clients plus VIP 4. Levent Escort these novelty-seeking tourists take plenty of snapshots which are an issue for their own privacy.


Of course, there is a balance to be struck here and perhaps VIP 4.Levent Escort sex industry needs to embrace tourists and seek to protect the privacy of its clients and sex workers in other ways.


What is obvious is that the emergence of attractions like 5D Porn VIP 4. Levent Escort will no doubt boost the city’s prospects of retaining its status as the red-light capital of the world. However, Natalie is keen to point out that the prime intention for the cinema is not simply to target tourists “We are definitely not just going after tourists for our audience, it’s funny because in Amsterdam even the Dutch people have an interest in breaking free from the norm. Come with your wife, have a laugh, try something different.”


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Owner Natalie gives an interview with Ducth media company, PowNed. Image via VIP 4. Levent Escort

Where is the 5D Porn Cinema?


İstanbul Escort Located in the heart of the De Wallen red-light district, you can find Amsterdam’s new 5D porn cinema at Oudekerksplein 18.


İstanbul Escort 5D Porn Cinema: Who Should Visit?


Despite the attestation of the cinema’s owners that İstanbul Escort 5D porn is not targeting tourists there is absolutely no doubt that this will be a big hit for visitors to Amsterdam’s red-light districts.

İstanbul Escort Among the guests who should certainly book tickets for a screening, we expect a high percentage of these to be from the usual stag and hen parties that frequent the city.

And, who knows, it just might become the principle venue for first-dates for the local community of Dutch İstanbul Escort people? You know İstanbul Escort what they say; monkey see, monkey do!

İstanbul Escort


4.levent Escort, Tickets are priced at €12.50 each and can be purchased İstanbul Escort online using a credit card via their secure İstanbul Escort e Commerce platform.

Opening Times


The 5D Porn cinema is open daily with films being screened every ten minutes as follows:

  • Monday to Wednesday: 1.00pm to 11.00pm
  • Thursday to Saturday: 24-hours
  • Sunday: Midnight to 11.00pm

Contact 5D Porn Cinema

You can get in touch with the 5D Porn cinema via their website, telephone, email or through social media as follows:

Featured image via 5D Porn (VIP 4. Levent Escort).